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Nashi Argan Professional

Nashi Argan offers a new and professional line to meet your needs Products to be combined according to one’s needs, to give beauty to all hair types and obtain a perfect hairstyle even at home. Discover the whole line!

Products (13)

Armonia Scrub

Armonia Shampoo

Blondy Joy Purple Shampoo

Blondy Joy Purple Conditioner

Filler Therapy Restorative Shampoo

Armonia Scalp Detox

Filler Therapy Lifting Mask

Filler Therapy Restorative Conditioner

Mass Solution Scalp Revitalizer

Mass Solution Thickening Shampoo

TOP REPAIR Molecular leave-in mask


Is it suitable for all hair types?
The Nashi professional line stands out because it responds to the personal needs of those with hair that requires extra attention on a constant basis or at specific times of the year.

Can they be combined with the classic line? The professional line is divided into sub-categories that respond to specific needs, but this line also respects the Nashi philosophy of essentiality and versatility, thus allowing you to select and combine individual products according to your needs.