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The new line has arrived: Nashi Body

With a combination of light and more enveloping textures, the new Nashi Body line satisfies

every woman’s innate desire to preserve natural beauty over time.



Able to suit the most dynamic personalities and those who like to indulge in a long, relaxing break,

each ritual restores intoxicating sensations of comfort

and gives the pleasure of soft, velvety, perfumed skin.

The unmistakable Nashi fragrance can thus embrace the whole body and melt onto the skin through

immediate or more prolonged gestures, satisfying any need for well-being.


The new Nashi Body line tells in an immediate and engaging way

the beauty needs of every woman for velvety, radiant, long-lasting skin

and fragrant and does so through two ways of being




BABY RITUAL: “I love pampering myself with quick and practical beauty rituals”.

LADY RITUAL: “I like to immerse myself in enveloping and sophisticated beauty rituals”.